Fall Prevention and Balance Program

Reduce Falls to Help Improve Your Patient Outcomes and Reduce Re-hospitalization

ACP’s fall prevention and balance program combines innovative rehabilitation technologies with customized clinical protocols and pathways, advanced therapist training and ongoing support by ACP’s physical and occupational therapists. This fully integrated and highly customizable approach incorporates electrotherapy and muscle strengthening exercise regimen to substantially reduce fall incidences, which improves patient outcomes and differentiates your clinic in the community by leading to a better five-star quality rating.

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ACP’s Fall Prevention and Balance Program will:

Help Your Patients:

  • Re-educate muscles
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improve strength, mobility and coordination
  • Enhance gait

Support Your Clinic Goals to:

  • Identify risk factors
  • Reduce related costs
  • Lower hospital recidivism
  • Manage surveys, FTAGS, QAPI, and quality indicators proactively
  • Clinical differentiation

ACP customers average 11% lower incidence of falls* as compared to non-ACP customers.

– 2017 The Moran Company Five-Star Ratings Study* Short-stay pain management and long-stay falls ratings for ACP customers versus non-ACP customers

Innovative Rehab Technologies


Active-Assist Smart Cycle


Virtual Rehabilitation


Electrotherapy & Ultrasound System


Dynamic Balance Training

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