ACP Clinical Program Certifications

Elevate Your Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Care

Set a new standard of care for skilled nursing and rehabilitation in your community by certifying your staff and facility in ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs.

Develop and Train Staff - group iconDevelop & Retain Staff

Drive staff development and retention by reinforcing your commitment to superior patient outcomes and prioritizing the employee experience.

Facility IconDifferentiate Your Facility

Elevate your facility’s clinical expertise and differentiate yourself in a competitive market by demonstrating advanced specialization in ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs.

ACP Certifications Available for Clinicians and Facilities in the Following Programs

heart and lungs icon with the word "cardiopulmonary" on a red background

Build muscle strength and aerobic capacity, increase circulation and neuromuscular function, and enhance quality of life.

icon of hand wrapped in bandage with the words "wound management" on a purple background below the icon

Increase circulation and speed wound healing
while improving patient outcomes.

Certification Criteria

For Clinicians

Clinicians will become “ACP Certified” in Cardiopulmonary Rehab by completing the following:   

  • Pre-requisite essential courses (applicable across all program certifications)  
  • Program-specific core content  
  • One program or patient reflection summary 

For Facilities

Facilities will become “ACP Certified” by ensuring the following: 

  • ≥ 1 rehab clinician has completed the specific ACP Clinical Program Certification  
  • ≥ 3 nursing clinicians have completed the corresponding nursing components 
  • Facility reports on program implementation through self-identified pre- and post-program outcome measures
ACP Certified Badge