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In the ACP Outcomes Study by The Moran Company, 25,000+ Medicare A stays over a 17-Month period were evaluated via the CARE instrument assessment tool upon admission and discharge. Independent analysis of this data set validated that ACP evidence-based clinical programs yield superior clinical outcomes compared to patient care delivered with traditional therapy alone.

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The study confirms that the utilization of ACP evidence-based clinical programs leads to greater functional improvement in Self-care and Mobility Outcomes for Skilled Nursing Facility patients as compared to patients who received traditional therapy:

I was pleased, but not surprised, to see the Moran Study validate the positive effect of ACP evidence-based clinical programs on patient outcomes. We have always believed the regular trainings and product expertise of the ACP clinical team, combined with their state of art technology, allows our therapists to use ACP products more effectively and get better patient outcomes. This study proves it. Given all the initiatives to lower length stay in the post-acute setting, ACP will be a key partner in maintaining outcomes with fewer therapy minutes.


We invite you to take advantage of the proven clinical outcomes that ACP evidence-based clinical programs offer and customize a package to meet your patients’ needs.

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