Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System

One of the most advanced therapeutic exercise systems, the OmniCycle® assists patients who struggle to participate in therapeutic exercise due to strength, pain, coordination, neurological, orthopedic, or cardiopulmonary challenges. Its innovative motor-assist technology provides upper and lower extremity biofeedback-driven exercises. The OmniCycle® automatically senses patient participation and adjusts support as patient ability changes. Its compact design, touchscreen LCD, and pre-set or customizable exercise modes make it easy to move and use –  enabling therapists to treat patients more effectively and efficiently.

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OmniCycle® helps you address a broader spectrum of patients and conditions:

  • Support therapy interventions for prevalent conditions and compliance requirements with customizable exercise protocols
  • Improve patient participation and recovery of function with interactive biofeedback technology
  • Eliminate the need for patient transfers via wheelchair access with anti-tip protection
  • Accommodate orthopedic and neurological range-of-motion limitations with adjustable lower extremity pedal length
  • Alert clinician automatically if maximum heart rate is reached with an integrated heart rate monitor

Unique Features:

  • Motor-Assist Technology
  • Neuro, Ortho, Cardio Therapy Modes
  • Biofeedback Technology
  • Voice Activated Stop
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wheelchair Accommodation

OmniCycle® Product Overview Video 

ACP’s Evidence-Based Clinical Programs

Our customizable evidence-based programs combine innovative technologies like the OmniCycle® with customized clinical protocols and pathways, advanced therapist training and on-going support by ACP’s physical and occupational therapists to ensure you achieve better outcomes for your patients in the most efficient way.