Dysphagia Program

Improve Swallowing Coordination and Muscle Strength to Help Your Patient Live a Better Life

ACP’s dysphagia program combines innovative rehabilitation technologies with customized clinical protocols  and pathways, advanced therapist training and ongoing clinical support by ACP’s speech language pathologists (SLPs). This program utilizes the Synchrony system, the world’s first virtual reality sEMG biofeedback system to help patients visualize swallow activity. These visualizations guide patients through therapeutic exercises with a series of engaging and interactive activities that addresses dysfunction typically associated with dysphagia. This approach can be used in conjunction with a proprietary non-invasive “Patterned Electric Neuromuscular Stimulation” (PENS) which may help to enhance muscle strength and coordination needed for normal swallowing. ACP’s dysphagia program has shown to help achieve better outcomes for the treatment of dysphagia.

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ACP’s Dysphagia Program will:

Help Your Patients:

  • Enhance neuromuscular performance related to swallow
  • Visualize progress through engaging treatment
  • Achieve better outcomes and quality of life
  • Relieve tense or contracted muscles
  • Learn new and unfamiliar swallow behaviors

Support Your Clinic Goals to:

  • Educate SLPs with ASHA CEUs and on-site training
  • Identify risk factors for dysphagia and aspiration
  • Differentiate your clinical practice and increase referrals
  • Reduce hospital recidivism
  • Reduce facility costs

Innovative Rehab Technologies


Dysphagia Solution System

Synchrony Portable

Dysphagia Solution System

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