Fall-Safe Dynamic Balance System

The next step in balance training, the OmniStand® dynamic balance system gives therapists the freedom to work with individual patients to provide effective, progressive balance and gait-training. This fall-safe system provides adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients while keeping them safely supported. Therapists can unlock a patient’s potential within their cone of stability and beyond, improving patient outcomes efficiently and effectively.

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OmniStand® gives therapists the confidence to work one-on-one with patients through:

  • Fall-safe design assists therapists in working with patients to perform balance, pre-gait, and standing tolerance exercises
  • Adjustable postural support challenges patients in all planes, with or without resistance, within their cone of stability
  • Dynamic support allows clinicians to engage, cue, and challenge patients during therapy
  • Compliments OmniVR® Virtual Reality System to increase therapeutic challenges, duration and repetition
  • Recommended for persons with the following conditions: Post-stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Chronic Heart Failure (CHF),
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and muscle disuse atrophy

Unique Features:

  • Dynamic Support
  • Fall-Safe Design
  • Compliments OmniVR

OmniStand® Product Overview Video

ACP’s Evidence-Based Clinical Programs

Our customizable evidence-based programs combine innovative technologies like the OmniVersa® with customized clinical protocols and pathways, advanced therapist training and on-going support by ACP’s physical and occupational therapists to ensure you achieve better outcomes for your patients in the most efficient way.

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