Clinical Spotlight – Laurel Healthcare

These are some of the remarkable therapy teams featured in our “Clinical Spotlight” of Laurel Healthcare (part of Ciena Healthcare) in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia. They have recently partnered with ACP in 43 facilities to provide ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs and advanced rehab technology as part of their PT and OT patient-focused care.

These teams have embraced ACP programs and are achieving great outcomes by integrating them with a collaborative interdisciplinary approach. In just two months, numerous accounts of their success have been shared. Here are a few examples.

  • Pain Management:
    • After one month of therapy with minimal improvement in shoulder range of motion, OmniSWD® thermal diathermy was added to the plan of care. Significant improvements were made, and she is now independent with dressing and self-care.
    • After PT, including OmniSWD® thermal diathermy to the knee, this previously bedbound individual has greatly reduced pain and now gets out of bed.
  • Fall Prevention & Balance:
    • Following below knee amputation, OmniStand® was used for dynamic balance and prosthetic training. It allowed him to test his limits and increase his confidence without risk of falling. He loved it!
  • Orthopedic:
    • Individual who experienced locking trigger finger on 5 out of 15 grasping exercise repetitions, received OmniVersa® subthermal ultrasound for inflammation as part of his therapy and his finger no longer locks during grasping.
  • Neuro Rehab:
    • Due to severe lower extremity tone and muscle spasms this individual was unable to stand. Adding OmniVersa® patterned electrical neuromuscular stimulation for the lower extremities provided dramatic improvement in tone and spasms. The goal is now to progress to weight bearing and transfers.

Regional Clinical Consultant: “The results have been incredible so far. It is so critical to have therapy AND nursing collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of these modalities. It’s a WIN-WIN for all, most importantly for our residents.”

Rehab Services Director: “I am very thankful for the opportunity to have access to ACP. The clinical programs are evidence-based, and our team can customize them to fit the needs of the patients we serve. We have ongoing support by an ACP licensed physical therapist that is local and able to provide support timely. Looking forward to celebrating more clinical outcomes!”

Physical Therapist: “The OmniStand® [Dynamic Balance System] is awesome and a real game changer!”

Occupational Therapist: “Being able to add the modalities to our patients’ treatment has made a big difference.”

Patient: “My shoulder feels so much better, and I can move it more. I don’t have to rely on help to dress and use the bathroom.”

ACP is proud to partner with Laurel Healthcare (part of Ciena Healthcare).
We look forward to continued collaboration and program development for personalized rehab with improved quality of life!

Andreé Akst, PT, MPT, CEEAA, NASM-CES, Clinical Services Content Specialist
Danielle Alexander, OTR/L, Regional Manager of Operations


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