Respiratory Therapy Using OmniFlow® Facilitates SLP Services

This 60-year-old gentleman was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services following hospitalization for 10 ½ weeks due to COVID-19. During hospitalization, he suffered multiple medical complications. He had respiratory failure which required a tracheostomy (breathing tube surgically inserted into the trachea) with 4 liters per minute of supplemental oxygen (O2). He also had dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and suffered a stroke and heart attack during hospitalization. Respiratory therapy services were initiated, but due to his severe debility he was unable to participate in speech language pathology services. Prior to hospitalization, he was independent with self-care and mobility and did not use supplemental O2.

Respiratory Therapy: (5x/week x 4 weeks)

OmniFlow® Breathing Therapy Biofeedback

  • Deep inhalation – Diamond Mine
  • Forced expiration – Prehistoric Contest
  • Rhythmical breathing – Starry Road

Additional Interventions

  • Incentive spirometry, respiratory muscle training

The respiratory therapist reports there were significant improvements in supplemental oxygen requirements with the addition of OmniFlow into the treatment plan. This gentleman also showed improvements in functional mobility and sitting tolerance due to improved breath support. She notes the visual biofeedback and variety of exercises available when using OmniFlow is a unique benefit. This gentleman is more engaged. His improvements facilitated removal of the breathing tube and discontinuation of supplemental oxygen with O2 saturation maintained at 95-96%, allowing him to finally participate in SLP therapy services for dysphagia.

Andreé Akst, PT, MPT, CEEAA, NASM-CES, Clinical Services Content Specialist
Valerie Middleton, MA CCC-SLP, Clinical Program Consultant


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