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In today’s world, where pulmonary and respiratory needs are as crucial as ever to the rehabilitation process, how is your facility conducting breathing therapy? 

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We are pleased to introduce the OmniFlow™ Breathing Therapy Biofeedback System – a groundbreaking new method of delivering breathing therapy. Replace the use of monotonous, plastic spirometers with a fun and engaging interactive exercise environment. OmniFlow exercise parameters are easily customizable and provide valuable inhalation and exhalation data to the clinician. This helps to more effectively assess the patient, guide breathing treatment, and improve outcomes.

OmniFlow™ is coming soon to the iOS platform.



Immersive exercise visualizations with audio and visual cues to promote greater patient engagement and progress with breathing exercises.

diamond mine - OmniFlow  Forced inhalation and exhalation 

prehistoric game - OmniFlow  Forced exhalation

starry road - OmniFlow  Controlled breathing



Download OmniFlow™ User Manual

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