Decreasing Knee Pain and Improving Functional Mobility with Electrical Stimulation and Exercise

A patient was admitted to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services due to increased knee pain, decreased strength, and a significant decline in functional mobility. Before his decline, he lived at home with his wife and could travel household distances using a rolling walker.

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Therapy Protocol

Physical Therapy

  • 5x/week x 15 weeks

OmniVersa® Ultrasound/Electrotherapy System

  • Interferential current (IFC) motor sensory electrical stimulation with OmniVersa to both knees to decrease pain.

OmniCycle® Elite Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System

  • OmniCycle neuro mode with patterned electrical neuromuscular stimulation (PENS) cycle protocol to the quadriceps to increase leg strength, coordination, and endurance.

Additional Interventions

  • Gait training, transfer training, bed mobility, balance exercises, postural control, and energy conservation.


Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System


Electrotherapy & Ultrasound System

This patient and his wife are so happy with the results of his therapy, which allowed him to return home. The use of electrical stimulation for relieving knee pain facilitated weight bearing on his legs and helped him walk again. His wife is incredibly thankful he has returned home instead of remaining as a long-term care resident. 

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