Improving Pain and Functional Mobility

This 74-year-old gentleman was referred to a skilled nursing facility following hospitalization due to a fall and the development of encephalopathy (infection causing brain damage). He had severe shoulder and knee pain and a decline in functional mobility. Prior to his fall, he lived in a single story home with his wife and walked independently without an assistive device.

Physical and Occupational Therapy: (5x/week x 4 weeks)

OmniVersa® Ultrasound/Electrotherapy System

  • Interferential current sensory – motor electrical stimulation to the left shoulder for pain relief

OmniSWD® Shortwave Diathermy System

  • Thermal diathermy to the right knee for pain relief

OmniCycle® Elite Therapeutic Exercise System

  • Upper and lower extremity cycling for improved strength and endurance

Additional Interventions

  • Therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities, neuromuscular re-education, gait training, and self-care

Ultrasound/ Electrotherapy System

Diathermy System

Elite Motorized Therapeutic
Exercise System

This gentleman and his family are thrilled with the outcomes he achieved in therapy allowing him to return home with his wife! The PT and OT team report the use of diathermy to the right knee and e-stim to the left shoulder for pain management played a significant role in his improvements. He is continuing the rehab journey with home health services and looking forward to making even more progress.


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