Patient Testimonial – Mrs. Strauss

Mrs. Stauss required surgery for a fractured wrist after a fall (also with prior diagnosis of COPD). She was referred to outpatient therapy with overall weakness, decreased endurance, and shortness of breath. As a result of therapy, including OmniFlow® breathing therapy to strengthen respiratory muscles and improve endurance, she has returned to working full-time as a dietitian.

When I began occupational therapy, I wondered why I would be doing a breathing program as part of my treatment. Once I experienced the OmniFlow exercises, I immediately realized how breathing therapy enhanced my recovery after wrist surgery, as well as decreasing my stress levels.


Andreé Akst, PT, MPT, CEEAA, NASM-CES, Clinical Services Content Specialist
Manda Hobbs, MSPT, CWS, Clinical Program Consultant


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