Clinical Therapy Champions

The therapy team at Good Samaritan Society Hot Springs Village in Arkansas are “Clinical Therapy Champions”. They use their knowledge, experience, and skilled evidence-based interventions, including advanced rehab technology, in the treatment of patients with a wide range of diagnoses to achieve optimal outcomes improving patient quality of life.

Physical Therapy Team

The physical therapy team focuses on improving patient outcomes with individualized care in areas such as strength, transfers, and gait. They enjoy what they do and achieve
great results!

Joann Rindlisbacher, PTA; Aimee Hart, PT; Corey Mills, PTA; Jacob Baker-Worsley, PT; Mindy Smith, PT

OmniFlow® has improved my patients’ ability to move quickly with less effort, allowing them to resume activities that are necessary and enjoyable.


Occupational Therapy Team

The occupational therapy team works with their patients to improve outcomes by engaging them in self-care (e.g., dressing, bathing, toileting), strength, and balance activities toward their goal of enhanced independence. They have a positive approach which is encouraging to their patients!

Brandi Havard, COTA; Callie Baker, OT

OmniVersa® allows multiple modalities during a session to be completed more efficiently through preprogrammed protocols. I also enjoy the ability to create patient-specific protocols for ease of access during subsequent sessions.


Speech Language Pathology Team

This speech language pathology team provides treatments to improve outcomes in areas such as speech and swallowing. They embrace evidence-based research and apply it in their practice!

Toni Hobbs, SLP; Lacey Drennan, SLP; Raegan Agee, SLP

OmniFlow and Synchrony are both great tools for our Speech Language Pathologists. Using this innovative technology has enhanced outcomes for our patients with poor breath support for speech and swallowing difficulties. OmniFlow and Synchrony are better together!


Andreé Akst, PT, MPT, CEEAA, NASM-CES, Clinical Services Content Specialist
Sherrie Pride, PT, Clinical Program Consultant

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