Improving Function and Swallowing After a Fall and COVID-19

This woman suffered a fall which resulted in a left elbow fracture with surgical repair and a pelvic fracture. She was referred to a skilled nursing facility due to weakness, non-weightbearing restrictions for the left arm, and inability to perform self-care. Additionally, she developed COVID-19 and experienced shortness of breath and fatigue while eating. Prior to her fall, she was living at home with her husband, independent with mobility, and able to eat without difficulty.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy: (5x/week x 8 weeks)

OmniCycle® Elite Therapeutic Exercise System (PT, OT)

  • Upper and lower extremity cycling neuro mode to promote improved endurance and strength

OmniStand® Dynamic Balance System (PT)

  • Dynamic standing balance exercise for safe pre-gait training

OmniFlow® Breathing Therapy Biofeedback System (SLP)

  • Rhythmical breathing – Starry Road

Additional Interventions (PT, OT, SLP)

  • Transfer and gait training, balance re-education, therapeutic exercise, self-care management, oral motor exercise, and dysphagia education

OmniCycle® Elite
Motorized Therapeutic
Exercise System

OmniStand® Dynamic
Balance System

OmniFlow® Breathing
Therapy Biofeedback System

The therapists believe inclusion of the OmniFlow, OmniStand, and OmniCycle in this woman’s traditional therapy interventions was very helpful to regaining her independence.

This woman and her family are very pleased with her rehab outcomes. She enjoyed the visual feedback and cues provided by OmniFlow which resolved her shortness of breath. She is now back home with her husband!

Andreé Akst, PT, MPT, CEEAA, NASM-CES, Clinical Services Content Specialist
Manda Hobbs, MSPT, CWS, Clinical Program Consultant


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