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Optimize Physical Health, Improve Performance and Return to Competition Faster

The rate of sports injury continues to increase as athletes push their physical limits every time they train, practice and compete. Keeping your athletes healthy and performing at their peak during the season and off season is critical for their future success. ACP’s proven, evidence-based clinical programs enable trainers and therapists to help their athletes overcome injuries and return to competition faster. 

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Evidence-Based Clinical Programs

For over 20 years ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs have been used by professional sports teams and training facilities, including IMG Academy, the premier sports training facility for athletes from around the world. Our clinical programs combine innovative rehabilitation technologies with customized clinical protocols and pathways, advanced therapist training and ongoing support by our licensed athletic trainers and physical therapists. These comprehensive programs provide the most effective pathways for your patients while ensuring your staff has the one-on-one support needed to improve outcomes.

Program Benefits

ACP’s evidence-based clinic programs helped significantly reduce days and practices missed for injured athletes.

*NCAA Division I Football Pilot Study

decrease in days missed*

decrease in practices missed*

ACP’s product line of modalities, combined with their sports clinical pathways and ongoing support, has enhanced and accelerated the athletic rehabilitation process. Function and recovery are quickly recognized by the patient, and the overall time loss is significantly reduced. The quality and support of ACP has changed our sports rehab environment.