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WalkAide® II

The WalkAide® II is an innovative functional electrical stiwalkaide II and emmamulation (FES) technology used for rehabilitation in a therapy setting and/or during activities of daily living (ADL). Integrated stainless steel electrodes and Smart Technology with a selfprogramming feature, leverage therapist efficiency allowing more time for the provision of patient care. Beyond its simplicity as a self-programming device, the WalkAide® II can also utilize Bluetooth communication with an iOS or Android application. This extends options for customized programming, manual delivery of stimulation, real-time gait analysis, and tracking of compliance or progress. The WalkAide® II is NOT available in the US. 

The WalkAide® II is a wearable rehabilitation tool to address lower extremity and gait dysfunction by:

  • Maintaining or increasing ROM
  • Decreasing spasticity/normalizing tone
  • Increasing muscle strength and endurance
  • Improving gait mechanics
  • Reducing drop foot
  • Promoting motor learning
  • Facilitating neuroplastic change

Designed to improve the walking ability of individuals that have experienced an older man WalkAide IIinjury, surgery, or disease affecting the central nervous system, WalkAide® II uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and functional electrical stimulation (FES). It may benefit individuals with conditions such as:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
  • Familial/Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis

Dynamic Treatment Options Encourage Optimal Outcomes

  • WalkAide® II may be an effective treatment option during any stage of neuro rehabilitation, from acute to post-rehab care.
  • Self-programming and pre-set exercise programs increase treatment efficiency and utilization of FES and NMES.
  • Customizable exercise and training programs address individual patient needs.
  • Consistent, repeated use of FES during a task-specific activity such as walking promotes motor learning and improved independent function.
  • Optimal outcomes for individuals using the WalkAide® II as a neuroprosthesis are achieved when doing so in combination with skilled physical therapy treatment.

Key Features

  • Internal sensor facilitates safe and effective dorsiflexion during gait.walkaide II climbing stairs
  • Programming is quick and easy, with self-programming and customizing options for exercise
    and training.
  • One piece, one size, and a universal fit simplify ordering and cost containment.
  • Integrated stainless steel electrodes eliminate costs and challenges tied to disposables.
  • Technology is resistant to direct water contact or splashing water for short durations.
  • Internal Bluetooth connects to an iOS or Android app* for program customization, data tracking, parameter adjustment, and real-time gait analysis.
  • Clinician-triggered stimulation expands rehab capabilities.
  • Slim, lightweight design removes clothing restrictions.
  • Self-contained system gives individuals the freedom to choose footwear or to walk barefoot.
  • Rechargeable internal battery simplifies maintenance.
  • The control unit has a 2-year warranty.

International Patients (Outside the United States)

ACP FES Patient Solutions is now offering the WalkAide® II globally, with the exclusion of Asia.

Our technologies are only available through our network of trained international distributors. Our technologies cannot be shipped directly to patients outside the United States. 

Each patient needs to be evaluated by a trained specialist to determine if they are a candidate for the technology.

To find your local distributor please contact us via phone or email:


CustomerServiceInInc@ininc.us   walkaide II lady climbing into car 

If you are interested in exploring a distributor partnership in your country, please contact us at info@ininc.us