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Superior Outcomes

In the ACP Outcomes Study by The Moran Company, 25,000+ Medicare A stays over a 17-Month period were evaluated via the CARE instrument assessment tool upon admission and discharge. Independent analysis of this data set validated that ACP evidence-based clinical programs yield superior clinical outcomes compared to patient care delivered with traditional therapy alone.

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The study confirms that the utilization of ACP evidence-based clinical programs leads to greater functional improvement in Self-care and Mobility Outcomes for Skilled Nursing Facility patients as compared to patients who received traditional therapy:

  • Mobility Outcomes: 23% greater functional improvement in mobility outcomes.
  • Self-care Outcomes: 11% greater functional improvement in self-care outcomes.
  • Higher Functional Levels: Patients who received therapies with ACP evidence-based clinical programs typically began at a lower functional level and achieved higher levels of functioning at discharge. 
  • Statistically Significant: ACP evidence-based clinical program use produced meaningful improvement in the most functionally-impaired patient population as well as in the most functionally-able population.
  • Effective & Efficient: The amount of therapy time per day was virtually the same in treatments with and without ACP evidence-based clinical programs.


We invite you to take advantage of the proven clinical outcomes that ACP evidence-based clinical programs offer and customize a package to meet your patients' needs.

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