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ACP Clinical Program Certification

Enhance Expertise, Elevate Care, and Improve Outcomes with ACP Clinical Program Certification

We are excited to share that your clinicians and facility can now become certified in five of ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs! These certifications offer comprehensive curricula designed to enhance clinicians’ expertise, elevate your facility’s standard of care, and improve patient outcomes.

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ACP Clinical Program Certifications are available at the clinician and facility level for the following clinical programs: 

The Advantages of ACP Clinical Program Certification

In addition to driving the development of staff skills, becoming ACP Certified differentiates your facility in a competitive market. Under the value-based healthcare model, improving quality of care and operational performance has become even more critical in supporting reimbursement. By investing in clinical education, including nursing education, there is an opportunity to materially improve quality by implementing best practices, resulting in positive outcomes for patients. Amy Stewart, AAPACN Chief Nursing officer, underscores the value of certification in a recent press release

Improving quality of care and operational performance through dedicated investments in nurse education and certification isn’t just a choice now. It’s the cornerstone of success for SNFs seeking to secure their position in the value-based payment discussion.

How to Get ACP Certified

For Clinicians

To become ACP Certified in a specific program, rehab clinicians must complete the following curricula:

  • Pre-requisite essential courses (applicable across all program certifications)
  • Program-specific core content
  • One program or patient reflection summary

For Facilities

For a facility to become ACP Certified, it must have at least one rehab clinician who has completed the specific ACP Clinical Program Certification and at least three nursing clinicians who have completed the corresponding nursing components.