ACPlus® Respiratory Assessment

Breathe New Life into Respiratory Care

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of the top conditions for Medicare readmissions are cardiopulmonary in nature?1

ACPlus Respiratory Assessment (ARA) is an innovative software enabling skilled nursing operators to proactively identify patients with pulmonary dysfunction and provide them with the care they need. ARA’s objective data helps clinicians build an effective treatment plan while providing robust documentation needed to justify respiratory care and support reimbursement.


Icon - Data Driven Care

Data-Driven Care

ARA identifies patients with pulmonary dysfunction and automatically suggests possible lung disease patterns and severity levels to deliver the precise data needed to build an individualized treatment plan.

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Early Patient Identification

ARA helps capture potential respiratory concerns during the initial assessment, which is more critical than ever with higher acuity patient populations and today’s PDPM requirements.

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Robust Documentation

ARA’s objective data provides documentation required to justify respiratory care, helping you get reimbursed for the true complexity of your patient population.

ARA Helps Skilled Nursing Operators2

  • Conduct efficient, standardized respiratory assessment
  • Identify undiagnosed respiratory deficits
  • Establish baseline respiratory deficits upon admission
  • Eliminate external spirometry Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) wait time
  • Justify respiratory treatment
  • Enhance treatment planning


patient ARA assessment

How It Works

  1. Using and iPad and Bluetooth spirometer, a clinician can select a patient in the app, enter their demographics, and conduct breathing tests that capture baseline metrics.
  2. ARA interprets the data to suggest possible lung disease patterns and severity levels the clinical team can use to tailor the best treatment plan for that patient.
  3. If a re-assessment is needed, the clinician can access the patient’s record and easily conduct a follow-up.

ARA + EHR Integration

ACPlus seamlessly connects with PointClickCare, instantly syncing ARA results, reports, and notes at the point of service and proactively identifying patients who may benefit from respiratory therapy upon admission.

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Access Pulmonary Nursing Continuing Education

ACP offers on-demand pulmonary Nursing Continuing Education (CE) courses through ACP University at no extra cost to our partners. These virtual training options provide a convenient solution for facilities seeking to improve patient care and upskill their nursing staff in critical areas such as:

  • Pulmonary Nursing Care Part 1 – Overview and Assessment (1 hr)
  • Pulmonary Nursing Care Part 2 – Management and Interventions (1 hr)
  • Pulmonary Nursing Care Part 3 – Comprehensive Clinical Exam (1 hr)

1. Based on an ACP analysis of Medicare and Commercial claims data.
2.Based on ACPlus Respiratory Assessment Pilot Study data.