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Evidence-Based Clinical Programs for Your Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Evidence-Based Clinical Programs for Your Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

In today's changing healthcare environment, inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF) face significant challenges including increasing demand to prove quality of care and outcomes, increasing costs and the continual need to attract new referrals. ACP offers solutions that are proven to reduce costs and improve treatment efficacy, thus improving patient satisfaction.

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Evidence-Based Clinical Programs

Used by inpatient rehabilitation facilities nationwide, our clinical programs combine innovative rehabilitation technologies with customized clinical protocols and pathways, advanced therapist training and ongoing support by ACP's licensed physical and occupational therapists. These comprehensive programs provide the most effective pathways for your patients while ensuring your staff has the one-on-one support needed to improve your outcomes.

ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs lead to greater patient functional improvement in self-care and mobility outcomes as compared to patients with traditional therapy.

*ACP Outcomes Study by The Moran Company


greater functional improvement in mobility outcomes*


greater functional improvement in self-care outcomes*