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Improving Speech Using Breathing Therapy with Biofeedback

This 78-year-old woman is a long-term care resident at Benedictine Living Community Rochester with a history of COPD, asthma, and sleep apnea. She requested speech therapy services due to having increased shortness of breath and dysphonia (poor vocal quality), decreasing her ability to communicate with caregivers.

Speech Therapy: (3x/week x 11 weeks)

OmniFlow® Breathing Therapy Biofeedback

  • Airway clearance – The Dandelion
  • Forced expiration – Prehistoric Contest
  • Respiratory muscle training – Starry Road

Additional Interventions

  • Paced and automatic speech tasks
  • Posture training during breath control
  • Home exercise program focused on breathing exercises

This woman is thrilled with her outcomes in therapy. Her voice quality is back to normal and she is now able to engage in conversation.

I think this is a wonderful program. It [OmniFlow] has certainly helped me with my breathing and speech.


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