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About Us

About Accelerated Care Plus

Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) was founded more than 20 years ago - with one goal in mind - to get Your Patients Better, Faster.

Our Evidence-based Clinical Programs combine the most advanced Rehabilitation Technologies and Clinical Services, including advanced therapist training, to enable you to achieve superior results for your patients while increasing quality measures for your facility. 

Evidence-Based Clinical Programs 

ACP’s evidence-based clinical programs combine innovative rehab technologies & outcomes focused clinical services to address your patients’ most prevalent conditions and needs. These non-invasive, comprehensive programs were designed to target post-acute and chronic diagnoses, as well as provide the technology, support, training, and education therapists need for effective and efficient treatment interventions.

Clinical Services

Backed by over 100 of the country’s top PTs, OTs, and SLPs, our clinical services help you elevate and maintain high levels of treatment outcomes for your patients. Our training and support enable your staff to confidently deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients. Includes:

Innovative Rehabilitation Technologies 

ACP’s suite of advanced technologies is developed and designed with you and your patients in mind. Our solution-focused approach means our technology is built for maximum safety and treatment efficacy, giving you full confidence in providing evidence-based, comprehensive treatments to your patients.

When you partner with ACP, we commit to help you make Your Patients Better, Faster, optimizing outcomes for both your patients and your business.