Athletic Trainers

Portable Unit

In today's competitive environment, athletes need every advantage they can get. And some of the world's most accomplished athletic trainers and therapists get that "extra edge" from ACP. Our advanced therapeutic modalities help athletic trainers and athletes maximize performance and improve recovery — from controlling pain, to improving range of motion, to re-educating muscles.

ACP's physical agent modalities are designed by clinicians, for clinicians, with one thing in mind: results. With an engineering philosophy that is focused on outcomes, ease of use and durability, ACP's medical technology is built to endure the challenges of real world therapy settings and training rooms. ACP is proud to provide the "equipment of choice" for numerous professional, collegiate and Olympic sports organizations around the world including recent Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold Medal, and NCAA National Championship winners.


"ACP products are our modality of choice."

John Norwig, ATC
Pittsburgh Steelers


"The support and the clinical education ACP provides beyond the sale has been incredible. It’s what makes the difference."

Jim Ramsey, Head Athletic Trainer
New York Rangers


"My name is Will Startup, and I have been able to use the Omnistim® FX2 stim unit since March of 2009. I had ulnar collateral ligament replacement surgery, most commonly known as Tommy John surgery, on September 17, 2008. I experienced a setback with my range of motion about three months into my recovery, and had to have another surgery to shave down calcification five months after my original surgery. In the meantime I was able to use the Omnistim® FX2 stim unit, which helped my arm stay in shape while I was unable to actually throw. I believe this was a huge benefit to be able to use this machine. When it came time to start my throwing program, I felt my arm was better equipped at taking on that task. I have still continued to use the unit in my down time and feel that it is a great way to keep my muscles in tune with my throwing motion without having to put the stress on my arm of throwing a baseball. I am very thankful for this unit, and I gladly say that it played an integral part in my comeback."

Will Startup