Skilled Nursing Facilities

In today’s changing healthcare environment, skilled nursing facility operators face significant challenges including more stringent regulatory compliance, an influx of more post-acute patients, increasing costs, and the continual need to grow their business. ACP’s proven, modality-based clinical programs answer many of these challenges by enabling long-term care and contract rehabilitation providers to treat a broader patient population and more medically complex conditions. Fifteen years in development, ACP’s proven medical technology evidence-based clinical programs and on-site therapist training is now employed by thousands of facilities nationwide, including the most recognized providers in the industry. Welcome to the ACP Advantage.

Improve standards-of-care, outcomes and quality-of-life

  • Improve treatment outcomes and optimize functional gains
  • Enhance patient care, quality-of-life, independence and discharge destination
  • Introduce advanced treatment options for a broader patient population and more medically complex conditions
  • Manage pain and edema to allow earlier, more intensive therapy techniques
  • Introduce new treatment options for patients who have reached a plateau in their progress or have not responded to traditional therapy interventions
  • Treat more medically complex conditions that may not respond to traditional therapy techniques alone, such as urinary incontinence, wounds and neuromuscular conditions
  • Provide effective treatment options for other prevalent geriatric conditions including pain, edema, post-acute orthopedic TKA and THA, stroke recovery, neuromuscular dysfunction, contractures, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, COPD, Herpes Zoster and fall prevention

Improve quality assurance efforts with proactive management of quality indicators, surveys, regulatory compliance and documentation

  • Provide more aggressive treatment interventions for conditions targeted in quality indicators, state surveys, and regulatory compliance
  • Proactively manage risk and liability associated with falls, urinary incontinence, wounds and other prevalent conditions

Introduce specialized treatment programs, build a stronger clinical practice, grow your therapy business!

  • Expand therapy services with treatment options for a broader range of conditions and patients
  • Introduce the medical technology and therapist skills required to provide effective sub-acute care and outpatient services
  • Create new referral sources, build census, improve quality mix and create differentiation in the community beyond facility amenities, location and cost
  • Manage routine costs associated with prevalent conditions such as urinary incontinence, wounds and falls

Improve therapist retention and recruitment

  • Enhance therapist retention and recruitment efforts by establishing a more enriching and challenging therapy setting

Create new marketing and referral opportunities

  • Strengthen facility image and differentiation for new referrals, improved census and better quality mix
ACP Wheel Chart

Improve patient outcomes… and business outcomes

Manage quality assurance efforts including quality indicators, surveys, regulatory compliance, documentation and risk

Support the medically appropriate care patients are entitled to in order to improve recovery, function and quality-of-life

Strengthen quality mix, census, referrals and facility differentiation to build a stronger clinical practice

Capitalize on the growing demand for cost-efficient post-acute care and outpatient services

Reduce the growing costs and challenges associated with therapist retention and recruitment