Outpatient Clinics

Specialized Treatment Programs for Superior Outcomes and a Stronger Clinical Practice

ACP specialized treatment programs help rehabilitation providers treat a broader range of conditions, while expanding their clinical practice for new caseload and referrals. The comprehensive programs include ACP’s patented medical technology, proprietary treatment protocols, advanced therapist training and ongoing support by licensed clinicians. ACP’s programs are implemented in conjunction with your Therapy Team. A low monthly program services fee eliminates the need for capital expenditures typically associated with equipment procurement, training, program development and implementation.

Build Your Therapy Business

  • Enhance patient and business outcomes by optimizing clinically appropriate use of Therapeutic Modalities
  • Introduce new revenue opportunities through expanded therapy services
  • Attract new referrals and strengthen loyalty among existing referral sources
  • Differentiate your clinic from competitors with
  • Grow your business with new specialty programs
  • Minimize reimbursement issues and denials

Empower Therapists

  • Therapeutic Modalities help reduce pain and accelerate healing to allow earlier, more intensive traditional and manual therapies
  • Physical agent modalities help therapists save time and optimize treatment efficiency
  • Advanced training and medical technology creates a more enriching therapy environment for improved job satisfaction and retention
  • Enables Athletic Trainers to accelerate recovery and improve outcomes for elite athletes and others with sports related injuries

Enhance Patient Outcomes

  • State-of-the-art Therapeutic Modalities provide treatment options for a broader range of patients and more medically complex conditions
  • Evidence-based clinical programs and advanced therapeutic modalities help enhance recovery, functional gains and clinical outcomes
  • Comprehensive clinical programs promote patient wellness and help reduce risk for more serious conditions
  • Improves functional outcomes and quality of life, as well as overall patient and family satisfaction
ACP Wheel Chart

ACP’s comprehensive therapeutic modality programs are completely customizable for individual practice needs - a low monthly program fee eliminates capital expenditures for medical equipment and program development.

Improve patient outcomes… and business outcomes

Expand therapy services and Introduce new Specialty Programs for new treatment opportunities

Build caseload, referrals and facility differentiation to build a stronger clinical practice

Reduce the growing costs and challenges associated with therapist retention and recruitment