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​Choosing the right CVA Rehabilitation Program and Therapy Team can play an important role in recovery!

What do we know about stroke recovery?

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in America, with 4 million survivors unable to return to their previous lifestyle and level of independence. The devastating impact of stroke on survivors and their families has intensified research to improve medical treatment and rehabilitation techniques for a more rapid and complete recovery. Ideally, rehabilitation should begin immediately after a stroke using intense physical therapy, mental exercise and functional retraining for the affected areas. However, even years later significant improvements may be possible using the latest therapy and rehabilitation techniques.

What treatments can work?

The last decade has seen rapid progress in stroke treatment and rehabilitation of CVA patients. Our program uses advanced rehabilitation techniques developed to increase strength and mobility for optimized functional recovery following a stroke.

How can therapeutic exercise and electrical stimulation be used to help improve strength and movement?

Simple strengthening exercises alone or in combination with mild, comfortable electrical pulses can improve or restore strength and movement in patients recovering from a stroke or CVA.

How can therapeutic ultrasound and electromagnetic energy be used to help decrease pain and joint stiffness?

High frequency energy from electromagnetic and sound waves has been shown to comfortably decrease pain and help loosen tight joints.

Who should consider trying our program?

You or a loved one should consider trying our Stroke Recovery Program if you or they have suffered from a stroke and still have:

  • Weakness or loss of feeling on one side of the body
  • An inability to walk or feed oneself independently
  • Problems with balance and a fear of falling
  • Difficulty performing normal daily activities
  • Difficulty with bowel or bladder function
  • Dependency in self care
  • Shoulder pain
  • Muscle tightness and joint stiffness
How can you get help?

ACP’s Stroke Treatment is offered by thousands of recognized skilled nursing facilities and other rehabilitation providers around the country. You should speak to your or your loved one’s doctor about these treatment options and call 1-800-350-1100 to locate a facility near you offering ACP’s programs. A quick professional health evaluation is all that is needed to get started with our program!

What can you expect with ACP’s Stroke Recovery Program?

The programs are implemented by the facility’s therapy and nursing departments, in conjunction with ACP’s professional clinicians and the patient’s physician. This team of healthcare professionals will work with you to meet your rehabilitation goals. The type and severity of the stroke and other conditions affecting recovery will be evaluated. You or your loved one’s ability to get out of a chair, stand, and walk are also likely to be assessed.

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