Virtual Rehabilitation

Virtual Rehabilitation can make exercise more fun and interesting to help improve recovery.

What is Virtual Rehabilitation?

In virtual rehabilitation, therapists guide patients through special exercises and activities in a computer generated "interactive" environment.

What do we know about the value of Virtual Rehabilitation?

Research shows that "therapeutic exercise" can help improve recovery. When participating in virtual rehabilitation, patients may exercise longer and find it more enjoyable.

What types of Virtual Rehabilitation can work?

There are different virtual reality systems available that may be used to encourage patients to be more active. However most are made for recreational purposes and younger people. The OmniVR has been designed specifically for physical rehabilitation and the needs of aging adults.

Who should consider trying the OmniVR Virtual Rehabilitation System?

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the following problems, you should consider trying the OmniVR Virtual Rehabilitation System:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor balance or coordination
  • Difficulty walking or sitting upright
  • Loss of flexibility or movement
  • Reduced endurance

What can you expect in our program?

A specially trained therapist will evaluate you or your loved one’s ability to stand and walk. Balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, vision, diet and medications may also be evaluated.

The OmniVR offers a variety of exercise and activity programs for the patient’s individual needs

With the help of a therapist, patients may participate in walking and balance exercise, memory activities, seated and upper body exercises, as well as wheelchair activities.

The OmniVR makes it easy for people of all ages to benefit from virtual rehabilitation

No special hand controllers, mats or platforms are needed. The computer images and activities used with the OmniVR™ are simple and easy to understand.

How can you or your loved one get help?

Please speak with your or your loved one's doctor about the OmniVR. A quick professional health evaluation is all that's needed to get started… and start feeling better!

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