Therapeutic Exercise

Advanced Therapeutic Exercise is an important part of recovery.

What do we know about the value of Therapeutic Exercise?

Research shows that therapeutic exercise can help speed recovery. Therapeutic exercises are simple exercises, stretches or other activities performed under the guidance of a therapist that can help regain strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Therapeutic exercises may be recommended as a way to improve recovery after an injury or serious health condition. They may also be used to help improve overall well-being or lower the risk of certain problems such as accidental falls.

What Therapeutic Exercises can work?

A therapist or physician can recommend the therapeutic exercises that are best suited for your or your loved one’s condition. This may include the use of a special therapeutic exercise system called the "Omnicycle." The Omnicycle is similar to an ordinary exercise cycle, but can be powered by the arms or legs. It also has a special motorized system that senses the amount of help needed to exercise. This allows those with physical limitations to participate in therapeutic exercise activities sooner after illness or injury. Gentle electrical stimulation may be used simultaneously with the Omnicycle to help improve function and recovery.

Who should consider the Omnicycle Therapeutic Exercise System?

The Omnicycle is ideal for many people who have not been able to participate in a therapeutic exercise program due to these problems:

  • Weakness or loss of active movement
  • Poor balance
  • Reduced endurance
  • Loss of flexibility or range-of-motion

What can you or your loved one expect the Omnicycle Therapeutic Exercise System?

The Omnicycle is very easy to use, even for those in wheelchairs. In fact, many people think the Omnicycle is fun and look forward to using it.

Powered-assist technology helps people with physical limitations participate in therapeutic exercise

The Omnicycle's "smart-assist" technology provides help as needed. As one gets stronger, the amount of "powered assistance" is steadily decreased until the exerciser can power the Omnicycle on their own to build additional strength and endurance.

Upper and lower body exercise options are appropriate for a wide range of conditions

The Omnicycle can be adjusted to accommodate a number of conditions such as poor hand grip strength, reduced knee range-of-motion and other challenges that may make some exercise systems difficult to use.

Color screen and biofeedback display help make exercise more focused and fun

The Omnicycle's special color screen and biofeedback capabilities help motivate the exerciser and guide their efforts to improve physical limitations and overall exercise performance.

How can you or your loved one get help?

You should speak with your or your loved one’s doctor or therapist about the Omnicycle A quick professional health evaluation is all that's needed to get started toward recovery.

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