Introducing ACP's New Omniband Therapeutic Exercise Bands

Omniband Omniband

For Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE)

Scientific literature shows that Progressive Resistance Exercises (PREs) with elastic bands can improve strength among aging adults for improved recovery of function. However, PREs with elastic bands may not be optimized due to inadequate and/or inconsistent resistance levels and stretch characteristics. Without optimal product qualities, strength gains and clinical outcomes may be marginalized.

ACP’s Omniband® products have been developed around the needs of aging adults and offer a number of superior attributes, including consistency of tension and evenly spaced resistance levels, to facilitate proper progressive resistance exercise.

  • Available in 6 resistance levels featuring vibrant, pearlescent colors
  • Developed for all Progressive Resistance Exercise applications, including those for aging adults
  • Precision engineered for consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels
  • Latex-free with latex-like stretch qualities
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic compound
  • Powder-free material is cleaner and safer to use
  • Odor-free compound is more widely accepted by patients and therapists
  • Superior "linear stretch" properties help eliminate "snap-back" associated with most latex bands
  • Non-slip surface for better grip with geriatric patients
  • Resistant to UV, sunlight and most infection control products
  • Innovative "Easy-Flow" Dispenser System

ACP's PREWEB Therapist Training is focused on clinically sound PRE WEB techniques to optimize strength gains, and includes training on proper documentation.

To learn more about ACP’s Omniband® Therapeutic Exercise Bands and PREWEB Therapist Training, contact us or call 800-350-1100.