What is the OmniVR

The OmniVR® is the world's first 3D Virtual Reality Augmented Therapy system designed specifically for aging adults and others with physical limitations. The technology is an important new tool for physical, occupational and speech therapists to help improve function, while making the therapy process more fun and rewarding for patients. Under the direction of a therapist, one or two patients at a time can use the OmniVR® to participate in a variety of therapeutic activities and exercises that are selected for the individual's physical challenge or condition. These exercises and activities have been developed around evidence-based literature addressing the techniques and objectives of accepted therapy practice.

Therapist Benefits

  • OmniVR® provides skilled therapy exercise and activity programs for PTs, OTs and SLPs
  • A new tool for therapists that makes the therapy process and repetitive exercise activities more fun and interesting for patients
  • Increases exercise motivation, repetitions and duration to support better outcomes
  • Introduces a new Group Therapy solution that is clinically meaningful and encourages social interaction - easy to set-up and schedule with patients
  • Provides three dedicated Outcomes Measurement Tests and a "Training Summary" after each exercise session for patient notes and objective documentation

Patient Benefits

  • Research suggests that when virtual reality exercises and activities are combined with traditional therapy techniques, outcomes may be enhanced
  • Patients become highly engaged or "immersed" in virtual reality activities to help improve exercise motivation, participation and duration
  • While engaged in virtual activities and having fun, patients are more likely to overcome fear and push beyond previous boundaries
  • Skills learned in the virtual environment are transferrable to real-world functional gains

Marketing Benefits

  • Creates facility and rehab department differentiation
  • Underscores facility's commitment to quality care and progressive technology
  • Can be integrated into the facility's overall marketing efforts — from facility website to tours