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Omnisound 3000 Pro

Omnisound® 3000 Pro Special Offer $2495*

Therapeutic Ultrasound System with Patented Delta T Temperature Dose Control

With a range of unparalleled features, the Omnisound® 3000 Pro represents ACP's next-generation ultrasound technology. Building on the clinical reputation of the well-established Omnisound® line – with over 4,000 in the field today – the 3000 Pro offers a protocol-driven operational menu, integrated numbered treatment procedure process, and a treatment counter that tracks all treatments by protocol.

*Special Pricing available through December 2012.
Omnistim 500 Pro.jpg

Omnistim® 500 Special Offer $1295*

Multi-Modality Electrotherapy System

ACP's workhorse Omnistim® 500 Pro provides pre-programmed, sports-specific treatment protocols as well as a broad spectrum of electrotherapy options. Integrated e-stim waveforms include IFC, TENS, MFAC, NMES, HVPC-Monophasic System and Continuous MF Nerve Block for pain management, relief of muscle spasms, increased range-of-motion, prevention of muscle disuse atrophy, increased circulation and muscle re-education.

*Special Pricing available through December 2012.
Special PBATS Double Play $3790

Special PBATS Double Play $3790*

  • Omnisound®
  • Omnistim®
  • Bushwalker Travel Bag
  • Samples of NEW Omnistim® Electrodes
*Special Pricing available through December 2012. Shipping and Taxes not included.