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Achieving Optimal Outcomes and Patient Safety Through the Proper Use of Quality Supplies


Achieving Optimal Outcomes and Patient Safety Through the Proper Use of Quality Supplies


With ACP's proven clinical programs, high quality equipment, and the right supplies, optimal patient safety and outcomes are achieved. ACP supplies go through rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality standards are met in an effort to maximize patient safety and minimize provider risks. ACP offers treatment supplies and accessories for the entire line of physical agent modalities – ultrasound (US), diathermy (SWD), electrical stimulation, and sEMG biofeedback.  

Check the Quantity and Quality of Your ACP Supplies

  • ​​Make sure you have an adequate level of supplies.
  • Check the expiration date on the ultrasound gel bottle.  Order new if the expiration date is drawing near or has passed. 
  • Use only ACP electrodes - They have been designed specifically for Omnistim® stimulators.

​The U.S. FDA guidance document for powered muscle stimulators specifies that stimulators "should only be used with the leads and electrodes recommended by the manufacturer."

When using e-stim do not exceed the following intensity threshold:


  • Inspect power supplies, device cords, SWD drum head, US transducers, etc. for frayed wires, cracks, or loose parts.  Order replacement for parts that show signs of damage.

Proper Modality Application

  • Review contraindications, warnings and precautions for each modality.
  • Inspect skin for breaches, breaks or irritation before and after modality use.
  • Prep skin and apply gel (US),  electrodes (e-stim or sEMG), towel or shower caps (SWD)


Ordering ACP Supplies

  • ​Follow your corporate order procedures
  • To order directly from ACP

Order Form: Obtained through your CPC or by calling 800-350-1100, option 4

​By Phone: 800-350-1100, option 4

By Fax: 800-350-1102 (use ACP order form)

By E-mail:

​Identify your facility name and address in the e-mail and state what items you would like to order or

​Use ACP order form and scan.


Select the Order Supplies tab:​

Customer ID and Password are needed (Call 800-350-1000, option 4)