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Pressure Ulcer / Multiple Sclerosis

shutterstock_1923020.jpgPatient Information: Female, Age 89

Diagnosis: Pressure Ulcer / Multiple Sclerosis    

History: This woman, a resident of assisted living, was admitted to skilled nursing due to weakness and an increased need for assistance as a result of an exacerbation of multiple sclerosis. Despite functional progress, she was unable to return to the assisted living facility due to the presence of a pressure ulcer on her right heel. She was referred to therapy for wound care after receiving four weeks of standard wound care by nursing without significant measureable signs of healing.

Pre-Therapy Status: 

• Right Heel Wound Dimensions: 2.0cm x 2.5cm (surface area 5.0cm²)  
Right Heel Wound Characteristics: 50% necrotic (unhealthy) tissue in the wound bed; light drainage.

Therapy Information:

Modality: Megapulse® II Shortwave Diathermy.
• Frequency: 3x per week.  
Protocol Specifics: Subthermal Diathermy to the right heel to improve local circulation and promote tissue healing.   
• Duration: Eleven weeks.
Other Therapy Services Provided: Therapeutic exercise and therapeutic activities.       


• Right Heel Wound Dimensions: Wound is closed.
• Right Heel Wound Characteristics: 100% re-epithelialized.

The wound nurse and physical therapist report they were able to see significant progress in the wound after just three treatments with the shortwave diathermy! The wound was the only reason this woman could not return to her assisted living facility, so she is very pleased that the wound closure allowed her to return home with her husband. The wound nurse notes she will never forget how, when informed that the wound had healed, the life came back into the woman’s face and she shed tears of joy.


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