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Urinary Incontinence


Patient Information: Female, Age 70

Diagnosis: Urinary Incontinence

History: This woman had experienced urinary incontinence for a few years, with progressive worsening of her symptoms. She was previously very active, walking three miles twice a day, and traveling, but as her incontinence worsened, she limited these activities and began wearing an absorbent undergarment at all times. She was depressed that her quality of life was being limited by incontinence and she tried various methods of intervention and management (medication, decreasing fluid intake, diet modification), all to no avail. She was referred to outpatient rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility to participate in a continence improvement program.

Pre-Therapy Status:

• Urinary Incontinence Frequency: Sixteen to nineteen episodes per day; waking up wet multiple times nightly.   
Urinary Incontinence Characteristics: Experienced leakage with physical activities, such as standing up; also reported a sense of urgency with the need to void.
Therapy Information:
Modality: Omnistim® FX2 Pro Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS).
• Frequency: 2-3x per week.  
Protocol Specifics: Lower extremity triphasic PENS continence improvement protocol to facilitate improved neuromuscular control of urination. 
• Duration: Seven weeks.
Other Therapy Services Provided: Treatment was initiated with pelvic floor muscle exercises for the first four weeks. After four weeks, re-assessment revealed no significant change in continence status with pelvic floor exercise alone, so PENS intervention was added to her program. 

• Urinary Incontinence Frequency: Zero episodes throughout the day and night.  
• Continence Characteristics: No leakage with physical activities; no sense of urgency with the need to void; urinary frequency normalized to 7-9 continent voids in a 24-hour period.

This woman is thrilled to have her life back! She can now take walks and be away from home all day without worrying about incontinence. She is no longer depressed and is planning travel activities she would not have considered when she was burdened by incontinence.
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