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Knee Osteoarthritis

shutterstock_14399554.jpgPatient Information: Male, Age 67

Diagnosis: Knee Osteoarthritis      

History: This gentleman underwent a right total knee replacement, after which he was referred to a skilled nursing facility for physical therapy to address difficulty walking related to post-surgical knee swelling, pain, decreased range of motion, and strength impairment. Prior to surgery, he lived independently at home with his wife and was actively employed.

Pre-Therapy Status: 

• Right Knee Pain: Severe (7/10).
Right Knee Active Range of Motion: -5 degrees of extension to 80 degrees of flexion.
Right leg strength: Good minus (4-/5).
Gait: 80 feet with contact guard (5%) assistance, exhibiting decreased heel strike and weight bearing on his right leg.

Therapy Information:

Modality: Omnistim® FX2 Pro Interferential Current (IFC) electrical stimulation. 
• Frequency: 7x for one week as an in-patient, then 3x per week for two weeks as an out-patient. 
Protocol: IFC sensory to the knee to decrease pain.    
• Duration: Three weeks.
Other Therapy Services Provided: Progressive resistance therapeutic exercises, balance training, gait training, and manual therapy.     


• Right Knee Pain: Mild (2/10).
• Right Knee Active Range of Motion: -3 degrees of extension to 115 degrees of flexion.
• Right leg strength: Good plus (4+/5). 
• Gait: 300 feet independently with a straight cane, exhibiting 100% heel strike and full weight bearing through right leg.  

This gentleman has been able to return to work and reports that he is extremely happy with the outcome of his surgery and therapy.


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