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  • June 26 | Accelerated Care Plus announces partnership with Hallmark Rehabilitation Services.
    Accelerated Care Plus Corp. (ACP), a Hanger company, announced today that it has renewed a previous business relationship with Hallmark Rehabilitation Services, based in Foothill Ranch, California. The nation's leading provider of integrated clinical programs for post-acute rehabilitation, ACP will provide its therapeutic modalities, evidence-based clinical programs and on-site therapist training to many of Hallmark's growing client list, which includes approximately 200 skilled nursing facilities across the country.



  • October 22 | Frank Palermo, MD, the first CNS Rehabilitation Council recipient of the AAPM&R Outstanding Council Service Award!
    Congratulations to Frank Palermo, MD, the first CNS Rehabilitation Council recipient of the AAPM&R Outstanding Council Service Award! The AAPM&R Outstanding Council Service Award was established this year to recognize service/volunteerism of Council members who contribute to the success of the Academy in fulfilling its mission and serving its membership in ways not limited to research, education, and product development.
  • October 18 | Hanger Orthopedic Group Signs Definitive Merger Agreement To Acquire Accelerated Care Plus
    Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. (NYSE: HGR) today announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement for the acquisition of Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), the nation's leading provider of integrated clinical programs for sub-acute and long-term care rehabilitation providers.
  • July 1 | ACP's OmniVR featured on KPTV
    ACP's new OmniVR is the world's first Virtual Rehabilitation system for aging adults, improving exercise motivation and duration for new functional and cognitive gains. The OmniVR pilot program is featured in this video news report.
  • May 31 | ACP featured in Advance Clinician's Guide
    Physical agent modalities (PAMs) have been a component of therapy services for many years. PAMs traditionally include therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, shortwave diathermy (electromagnetic energy) and light therapy.
  • May 19 | ACP featured in video interview at AOTA
    ACP's products and services are described in a video interview from ACP's booth at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference.


  • August 16 | New Technology Aids Physical Therapy
    A few weeks ago, 86-year-old Dena Mass needed help putting on her sweater. The pain and lack of mobility in her shoulder kept her from doing everyday things she needed to do. "Now, she's dressing herself," said Meena Shah, therapy program director at Chateau Center in Willowbrook, where Mass has lived for two years. Mass is one of many residents at Chateau who have benefited from a form of therapy that uses electrical stimulation to relieve pain, lessen inflammation, and get muscles working again.
  • June 01 | Realistic Recovery: Skilled Nursing Providers Must Keep Patients Hopeful Yet Realistic About Their Goals
    When it comes to rehabilitative care, skilled nursing providers must perform a delicate balancing act. Not only do they have to keep rehab patients optimisticabout their progress, they also must stay focused on setting realistic goals and committing to prudent, not rushed, discharge planning.
  • April 01 | All the Right Moves: Adapting Rehabilitation Services to fit your Residents' Needs
    The rehabilitation component of skilled nursing has grown and developed into an established service area for long-term care facility operators over the past two decades. Yet despite its maturity, it must continue to evolve if rehab providers are to capture the burgeoning patient volume and revenue potential that exists, industry observers say. Created by a surge in demand for post-acute rehabilitative care, skilled nursing facilities have become the standard referral center for victims of stroke, neurological trauma and other debilitating conditions. Typical therapeutic services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology. Patient stays usually run from 30 days to indefinitely.
  • March 01 | Wound Care: Advanced Tools and Talented Care Teams Lead to Solid Wound Management
    Long-term care providers have an impressive arsenal of weapons at their disposal in the war against pressure ulcers. The key to victory is in executing the battle plan with them, experts say. "The status of wound care in the long-term care marketplace can be characterized as ‘technologically savvy' in regards to new product development and availability of products across the continuum," says Cynthia Sylvia, RN, program manager for educational development at Orchard Park, NY-based Gaymar Industries. "Manufacturers and distributors are targeting alternate care organizations with an eye toward providing product and support to bolster sales related to improving practice."
  • January 21 | ACP Announces New Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis
    Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) announced today the introduction of an innovative new therapeutic treatment program for osteoarthritis of the knee. The program combines several conservative treatment protocols including ACP’s patented "Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation" (PENS), traditional TENS electrical stimulation, a specialized knee brace and therapeutic exercise to treat knee osteoarthritis without medication or surgery.


  • December 14 | Research Says What's Good for Elite Athletes can be Good for Aging Adults
    Josephine Babos was admitted to a hospital for chest pains this fall, and ended up having her colon removed, undergoing kidney dialysis, being put on a feeding tube and losing her muscle strength. Despite the enormous setbacks, the 76-year-old Aurora native refused to give up.
  • September 15 | ACP Acquires Neuroflex
    A subsidiary of Accelerated Care Plus, Corp (ACP) announced today that it had finalized the purchase of Neuroflex Orthotics, Inc (Neuroflex), a California-based provider of specialty Orthotic products. The acquisition was the first for ACP Medical Supply, Corp., which was founded earlier in 2008 to support ACP’s expansion into durable medical equipment (DME).
  • August 25 | ACP Omnicycle Adopted by 400 Facilities
    Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) announced today that more than 400 rehabilitation facilities across the country have introduced its new Omnicycle therapeutic exercise system to help patients recover more quickly from neuromuscular, orthopedic and cardio pulmonary conditions.


  • October 1 | ACP Announces Pro Series Modality Line
    Accelerated Care Plus Corp (ACP) announced today, the introduction of a new line of therapeutic modality devices called the "Pro Series." Continuing ACP’s heritage for innovation and "outcomes-driven" design, the Pro Series introduces yet another level of clinical integrity, reliability and ease-of-use through a variety of new features.


  • June 10 | ACP Receives Financing from ComVest
    The ComVest Group has provided $24 Million in financing to Accelerated Care Plus Corp ("ACP") in the form of Convertible Preferred Stock through its ComVest Investment Partners III Fund. The proceeds will be used to retire subordinated debt and expensive lease financing arrangements, fund growth, purchase currently licensed patents, and provide a partial liquidity event for the co-founder and non-management shareholders.