Therapeutic Equipment and Technology

​The medical technology used in ACP’s programs are called "therapeutic modalities." These proven devices include Electrical Stimulation, Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS), Therapeutic Ultrasound and Shortwave Diathermy. By decreasing pain, inflammation and edema, therapeutic modalities increase patient comfort and tolerance to treatment. This enables therapists to introduce earlier, more aggressive therapy interventions to help improve function and recovery. Therapeutic modalities also allow therapists to treat more complex conditions, decrease muscle disuse atrophy, enhance soft tissue healing through increased circulation, and improve neuromuscular control in patients with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses. With nearly three decades of device research and development, ACP’s patented modalities are referenced in over 100 research articles documenting superior efficacy and safety. They have also been used successfully in a variety of settings including long-term care, home health, physical rehabilitation, orthopedics, outpatient facilities and elite athletics, where ACP is the equipment of choice for over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams.