Introducing Synchrony™ - Dysphagia Treatment by ACP

Nurse and Patient

ACP Synchrony helps patients suffering from Dysphagia, difficulty swallowing

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Developed by Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), Synchrony is a new comprehensive clinical program for the treatment of Dysphagia. The program includes evidence-based protocols, proprietary technologies, courses for SLPs that offer ASHA CEUs, and ongoing support for post-acute and chronic rehabilitation providers.

Program Objectives and Benefits

  • Improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals with Dysphagia
  • Reduce facility costs related to Dysphagia
  • Reduce hospital recidivism
  • Reduce aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration and other complications
  • Introduce new treatment options for patients and residents who may not have responded to traditional therapies
  • Strengthen census and referrals through clinical expertise and progressive treatment techniques

The Synchrony program uses an exclusive electrical stimulation waveform called PENS or “Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation” to enhance muscle strength and coordination required for normal swallowing. This patented approach is used in conjunction with the world's first virtual reality augmented sEMG biofeedback system for the treatment of Dysphagia. This unique technology, called the OMNIsEMG®, enables Speech Language Pathologists and their patients to visualize swallowing activity, and guide therapeutic intervention. Patients participate in a variety of virtual reality based exercise activities that are therapeutic, fun, and engaging. While “immersed” in these activities, patients exercise for longer periods with greater intensity, which can help improve swallowing performance and outcomes.

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation