More than ever, selecting the right skilled nursing facility is a critical decision for patients and their physicians. With increasing pressure to control healthcare costs, hospital "length-of-stay" for medically complex and functionally impaired patients is continuing to decline. As a result, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and other rehabilitation providers are facing the need to accommodate higher acuity patients. ACP’s specialized treatment programs offer the proven medical technology, evidence-based protocols and advanced therapist training necessary to provide effective treatment options for these patients and others in the community. With the ability to treat more medically complex conditions, ACP’s partnering facilities are able to improve outcomes, quality-of-life and independence for a broader range of patients.

ACP’s outcomes-driven clinical programs are implemented by the facility’s therapy staff, in conjunction with ACP’s licensed clinicians. Developed around the medical complexities of aging adults, the programs are safe, non-invasive and medication free. ACP’s clinical programs and medical equipment has been field tested over a 15-year period and are now used in thousands of home health agencies, skilled nursing and outpatient facilities throughout the U.S. to improve treatment outcomes, quality-of-life, independence and discharge destination.

Effective treatment interventions for a wide range of prevalent conditions

Proven medical technology referenced in over 100 scientific studies

Evidence-based clinical protocols developed around the complex medical needs of aging adults